DnM: Hey Ciaran, thanks for taking the time for the interview, how’s it going?
BEΛR//FVCE: No worries, sorry for the hold up. it’s going good thanks!
DnM: No worries at all, and glad to have you

DnM: Rad, so let’s just jump right in. We’re not going to do the usual “how old are you, who are your R&B influences” bullshit today, it’s been done. People can read that somewhere else. I was thinking something more along the lines of a David Attenborough-esque “Who is the bear, behind the face?”
DnM: So just because I know you’re on Reddit, I’ll start with this question: If you had to fight 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck, which would you rather?
BEΛR//FVCE: Hahaha, i like that. and yeah gonna have to go with 100 duck-sized horses, could just stand on some sort of ledge and avoid confrontation.
DnM: Haha a pacifist, eh? I would’ve chosen the same, but mostly because I think it’d be pretty easy to kick the duck-sized horses
BEΛR//FVCE: I just can’t imagine “kicked a load of tiny horses to death once” looking good on a resume or in court haha.
DnM: Haha I think that’s the kind of thing you never tell a soul

DnM: What’s the likelihood of getting you down here to Vancouver for a show? Maybe bring Ruddyp. You guys could play with Cyril, blow the roof off of Vancouver with wicked-fast hi-hats. I know I’d die happy if that happened.
BEΛR//FVCE: I’d love to play Vancouver, I’m sure Ruddy would as well, maybe next year at some point.

DnM: That’d be great to have you guys come down, let us know if it happens. Kittens can be provided, I know how Ruddy feels about that haha

DnM: I’m curious about your process for live shows. Some of my favourite producers have yielded some pretty poor live shows, and conversely, I’ve been surprised by the stage presence of some people I wouldn’t have expected it from. What sort of process do you take to transition your catalogue to a live format?
BEΛR//FVCE: Kittens are the shit. Playing live with electronic music is a whole different ball game, it can be frustrating as well when people who aren’t familiar assume you’re just the house dj and you have to make a point of saying “hey i made these songs!!!!” but its whatever, I’m trying to incorporate more of a live aspect by bringing in instruments and shit, but yeah i guess i’ll just have to see how it pans out.

DnM: Nice, it’s definitely a learning process, I agree. What sorts of live instruments are you trying to incorporate?
BEΛR//FVCE: yeah definitely. just like some keyboard parts, maybe some guitar or whatever. still finding my feet with it at the moment.

DnM: Awesome, that’s great
DnM: Word on the street is, you’re working on an EP. How’s that coming along?
BEΛR//FVCE: It’s going slowly but surely haha, got some other stuff in the works though that should be on its way sooner. like some stuff with my friend Kendall Elijah who’s this awesome rapper from maryland.


DnM: Sweet, any idea when we can expect that?
BEΛR//FVCE: next couple of months if all goes as planned!
DnM: Wicked

DnM: Do you ever get stuck when working on a track? Like, run up against a wall and go “Shit. Well, now what?”
BEΛR//FVCE: all the time, its the worst. or i’ll be working on something for a few hours and just be like “this is awful”
DnM: What do you do when that happens?
BEΛR//FVCE: stop immediately and pretend it never happened hahah

DnM: Haha you’d do well in politics
DnM: Random question time: what would I find in your fridge right now?
BEΛR//FVCE: miscellaneous dips, some bread and an assortment of outdated prawns and olives. i need to go shopping asap.
DnM: You and me both

DnM: So I mentioned Cyril Hahn earlier, I had the pleasure of seeing him play not too long ago. I know he’s made good mention of your work. Any thoughts/talks about working on something new together? I feel like that would yield something totally interesting and epic.
BEΛR//FVCE: yeah man cyril is a super cool guy,  i think he’d be way too busy to work on something at the moment, but it would be very cool to see how that turned out.
DnM: Yeah, he’s really blowing up, great to see

DnM: How did you and RuddyP start collaborating? You guys put out some sick music together.
BEΛR//FVCE: thank you! just got talking online and shit, played a show together while i was out in new york as well which was a lot of fun. Him and Carling Ruse make some awesome music.
DnM: Definitely agree. I have my fingers crossed you guys do something else, down the road.

DnM: You post some great music on your social media sites. Is there anything that you listen to that people would be surprised by?
BEΛR//FVCE: I’m sure we will at some point haha, to be honest i listen to bands and singers way more than i do electronic music. at the moment its been a lot of crash of rhinos, dikembe and mineral. but it varies i guess.
DnM: Nice nice

DnM: How do you see your music, long-term? Is this going to be a career for you, or do you have other things you’re working on, outside of music?
BEΛR//FVCE: i’d like for it to be a career haha, not sure how feasible that is though. i’d just like to write songs for people and produce stuff really. other than that i have no idea.
DnM: Hah nice, doing it for the love of the music is the best motivation

DnM: In true Drugs and Mirrors fashion, I want to finish up with our trade-mark question. If you could pick any person, past or present, to do drugs with, who and what would you pick?

BEΛR//FVCE: huffing glue with ryan gosling
BEΛR//FVCE: i fucking love ryan gosling


DnM: Haha great answer. For kicks, where would you guys huff glue?
BEΛR//FVCE: probably that muscle car from Drive
DnM: Sweet.

DnM: Haha well, thanks so much Ciaran, it’s been a pleasure
BEΛR//FVCE: no problem. thanks for hitting me up to do this, was a lot of fun.