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DnM : Hey Brian, thanks for taking the time out today. How’s living?
Brian Folk : I can’t complain.

DnM :  Now, is this your first interview? I looked around the interview but couldn’t find much.

Brian Folk : No I’ve done a couple from when I was a rapper
DnM : Cool. I saw some of that in the digging but we are getting to that later.
Brian Folk : Nice

 DnM : It does kind of segue me into my next question. You left rap, and if I’m not mistaken hip hop production as well, to futurebeat production, why?

Brian Folk : I kind of came up in the la beat scene not that I was really involved but that was more of my aspiration. Even when I did rap shit it was always kind of future influenced

 DnM : That’s cool, were those beats under the name f.olk? I noticed a change there.

Brian Folk : Yea I added Brian because that group Grown Folk came out. Kinda heated I didn’t think of that. But I thought people would get confused

DnM : They’re not really the much bigger than you. But, yeah your right it is a shadow to live under.

 DnM : Then what’s the significance of folk?

Brian Folk : When I came up with it I was telling people it was because I wanted my stuff to have the feeling of actual folk music. It sounded like some neo soul stuff

DnM : I think you achieved what you set out to do. It’s definitely soul/folk music.

Brian Folk : Haha thanks

DnM : I mean, your sound has evolved both stylistically and in quality since ‘’,

 Brian Folk : Yea I learned how to mix. Haha

DnM : Hahaha. Still haven’t figured that out in either of my DAWs.

Brian Folk : I read the other day four tet doesn’t really master his stuff so I figure no one cares anymore. I still barely know what I’m doing

DnM : Four Tet’s a genius, reverse hats and all, not mention how good There Is Love In You is.

Brian Folk : Yea I love that dude


DnM : I know they are like children, but do you have a favorite song that you produced? Or if that’s too hard to answer, when you meet someone and tell them you are a producer, and they ask to listen. What song do you show them first? Like, this song is Brian Folk.

Brian Folk : Probably she smashed the homies off winter summer sprung. I made it completely on an sp 404 and I sang and sampled myself.

[bandcamp track=2107993129 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=181C1E size=null]

DnM : Sick, that’s a small piece of hardware

Brian Folk : Yea amazing piece. You can do so much

DnM : Anyway, do you ever get producers block? Half – way through your drums and like ‘shit, this is NOT going anywhere’?

Brian Folk : 60% of the time

DnM : Haha

Brian Folk : At this point I know when something is right pretty much instantly. You start to feel like a bad person when a track is not going right

DnM : I bet

DnM :  So, If you could do any drugs with person, past or present, who and what would it be?

Brian Folk : Just one?

DnM : It could be a crew, Mystery Skulls said Wu Tang

Brian Folk : I’d have to say yay with ye

DnM : Yeah that’s what he needs an inflated sense of ego

Brian Folk : I would hype him up the entire time to

DnM : Ha just egg him on, You’d see some wild shit

Brian Folk : Exactly. Actually take that back

DnM : Taken.

Brian Folk  : Yay with all of good music

DnM : Haha. Why set the bar low?

Brian Folk : I want to know if big Sean gets picked on. He sounds like it.


DnM : Thanks for kickin’ it today Brian

Brian Folk : Dope thanks