Johnny Astro

A Letter From The Editor

I can’t really explain how I met Johny, it’s not as if we share social or musical circles.
We just so happened to connect through facebook one day, and shared our passions; his being rapping and music production while mine being…whatever I do.  Immediately after listening to his soundcloud and meeting him I was a fan. He is a talented, young, hungry, artist.

Johnny has been forever patient with me getting this published, written and the mix finalized. Thank you Johnny.

The Interview:

DnM: Good afternoon Johnny, thanks for being patient today.

JA: Good Afternoon, noon man hows everything going for you?

DnM: Blunt in one hand, coffee in the other. Pretty darn swell. You?

JA: chillen right now before i start the day.

DnM: Let’s break the ice with a boring generic question. Cool?

JA: cool

DnM: Johnny Astro. The name.
I could totally be mistaken, but I doubt that’s what’s on our birth certificate.
How did the moniker come about?

JA: Haha yeah I wanted something different and a little more unique, (Bossman) the first name i went by was as generic and common as rapper names get. Johnny Astro just kinda stands out.

DnM: Are you a fan of space?

JA: yeah you can say that
DnM:Right on

DnM: So I want to ask question because it seems so foreign to me . And I assume others. How does one get into rapping?
I’m from like the whitest place in Canada. No one here says hey ‘I want to be a rapper’.

JA: i actually started of producing first and began rapping a few years later. I got nto mainly because i was making beats and was doing absolutely nothing with them i would send them to other rappers and get damn near no response so i decided to take matters in my own hands
DnM: That’s such a cool way to get into the ‘game’. The stories and films always portray it so differently.
 Like Slanging is a prerequisite to rap*

JA: yeah I know i think ppl kinda forget a lil bit that Hip Hop/Rap is based on story telling not everything you hear is true and not everything you see is real and not all the stories that the rappers are telling us are theres not to say some of it isnt true but its a Art form first and some have perfected it better than most

DnM: That’s exactly why I regard rappers so highly as artists. They can sing acapella. Regardless of the beat, or instrumentals your delivery, flow, technique, have to on point. You become the instrument. In addition the ability to express emotion through words. Pure talent.

DnM: I’d partially blame the early 2000’s for that mentality. Hip Hop became Rap, and Rap became a product. People idealized it.
It wasn’t an art. It was a lifestyle.

JA: yeah they kinda changed the game a little in the early 2000s but that happens in every genre in my opinion ppl wanna have fun and they saw the rappers were having a lot of it nevermind that there wasnt much of importance being said on the song nowadays genres dont really even matter everythings kinda starting to sound the same especially on the radio

DnM: Which brings me to my next question. You definitely fall into the hip-hop category, versus the rap. Wonderful for an example. Has a very uplifting and positive tone.

DnM: With so many outlets and styles for rap; from say a more darkened tone like early em, Tyler the Creator, DMX; East-coast style of Jay Z and J Cole; etc etc. Why go down that path that you did?

Very few people pay for music these days. The only thing that does get purchased is the pop music. Creates quite the negative loop.

JA: i just wanted to make music that would last forever plus ima huge mike jack fan and was one the best at telling a story and forcing ppl to use there imagination

DnM: I totally get it.

DnM: I want to close with my token question. It’s really intended to seek an experience.
If you could do any drugs, with any person past or present, who and what would it be?

JA: i know prob only supposed to pick one but i wanna say the cast from ThisIsTheEND and prob shrooms ive never done them and i wanted to try them at least once.

DnM: I personally believe everyone HAS to at least once in your life. It’s very much a waking experience

JA: thats what i hear

DnM: Thanks for your time today Johnny

JA: no problem man your welcome talk to you soon