Josh Tobias

A Letter From The Editor

Josh’s music came into my stream a year ago and every post since has been pure Disco gold. One after another, well sung, well produced, dance anthems came out.  It was pleasure to find out that he, himself, is just as honest as his music.

DnM: Josh Tobias, glad we could get together today. Thanks for taking time out of your day.

Josh Tobias: Of course! Love talkin’ music.

DnM: Me too! Now, for those first timers out there…who is Josh Tobias Tobias and what does he do?

Josh Tobias: Wow, deep question right of the bat haha. I’m a guy. I live in Michigan but I’m from New York. I write songs. I’m always workin at making better stuff. I love Ina Garten

DnM: Right on, it must be a big change from Brooklyn to Ann Arbor.

Josh Tobias: Yah it’s a totally different speed out here, it’s really helped me slow down and figure out the music I want to make.

DnM: Do you find that a city shapes your music and sound? Because that actually touches on the thing I wanted to bring up next.

Josh Tobias: Absolutely, especially a city like Ann Arbor.

DnM: Now, I want to know if this is evident in your music. I think there is a contrast between your old work, songs like ‘Call My Name’ and newer stuff like ‘Soul Searching’. Now, there definitely both Disco/Funk influenced, it just seems that your older stuff was much more Funk than Disco, and vice versa for your new release.
How would you compare the two sounds and is this estimate accurate?

Josh Tobias: Yah soul searching is definitely more disco, I’d say both funk and disco are huge influences, I just go through phases where certain genres really inspire me. I just love using the sounds of the 70’s and 80’s to make new moments. haha very unique I know

DnM: Not at all man, I think you’ve done a great job with your sounds. You’ve modernized things well.

Josh Tobias: thank you.

DnM: I am curious why you went the no moniker route?

Josh Tobias: Because DnM, aren’t we all just wearing masks anyways? lol I’m kidding.

DnM: haha, all the time. One for this occasion and one for that.

Josh Tobias: I genuinely like my name, thats pretty much all there is to it.

DnM: It’s a solid name.

Josh Tobias: exactly?

DnM:  Yeah, no I’m glad. Very few people are transparent these days.

Josh Tobias: Tis true. maybe in the future I’ll drop some country album under a fake name, you’ve been warned..

Both: Hahaha

DnM: There’s one thing that you do, that most of the singer song writer disco’ers do these days…You ghost write.

Josh Tobias: Yes, writing is my biggest passion

DnM:  Tell me how you got connected with Jerome Bell and are there any other secret songs we should know about?


Josh Tobias: oh wow you did some research

DnM: That’s my job!

Josh Tobias: He’s super talented and its a pleasure working with him, he’s dropping some fire next month. I’m also working with some great producers in France, be on the lookout for some french funk vibes in the future

DnM:   Yeah, the snippet released sounds great and I look forward to anything the French release. They are just on another level.

Josh Tobias: Exactly, they’re on the money over there.

DnM: That’s my job! Now, are you just working your way through Europe? You just collabed with Jack LNDN…Who I am assuming is from the UK

Josh Tobias: That would be correct. Yah the internet is a crazy thing.

DnM: Care to name drop anyone you are working with or WANT to work with?

Josh Tobias: I would love to work with Pomo, his shit is amazing. Anyone in Roche music as well…

DnM: All great artists

Josh Tobias: yes indeed

DnM: Okay, now were coming to close soon here. I love your song covers / album covers. Who does your work and how do you go about visual concepts?

Josh Tobias: Thank you, shout out to Michael Molfetas, he’s a genius , I really just come up with a general idea and let Mike do what he does. My brother helps as well, he’s sort of my creative director and of course my girlfriend gets the final sign off.

DnM: I hear you man, I haven’t made a real decision in the last 4 years of my life…it’s just easier this way.

Josh Tobias: Haha right, let the experts do what they do.

DnM: ‘experts’ haha. Now, for my closing question. It’s to get an idea of you and experience.
If you could do any drug with any person, past or present, who and what would it be?

Josh Tobias: haha great question. I would smoke a cigarette with Frank Zappa, because he was straight edge. that would be life changing probably

Image result for frank zappa

DnM: Haha, great answer

Josh Tobias: well thanks

DnM: I want to say thanks again for taking time out of your day to do this. It’s been a pleasure.

Josh Tobias: thank you too, the feeling is mutual!