DnM : Hey Julian, thank you for taking time out of studio work to sit down today.
KAIZEN : No prob man, sorry it took so long.

DnMLife happens, no need to apologize. I’m actually pretty excited today, it’s been a while since I have had the opportunity to interview someone more independent.
KAIZEN : Sweet

DnM : How is the weather down in Florida?
KAIZEN : It’s really rainy right now. I’ve been enjoying it all day though.
DnM :  No shit? Here I was expecting a warm sunny beach day.
KAIZEN :  Haha usually but down here in Miami we get really bipolar miami weather.  It rains for hours then the sun comes out and vice verse. It’s kinda weird.
DnM :  Dude. I would gladly put up Hawaiian shirts and old people for that. It’s 10 degrees C, [50f] and raining sideways here in Vancouver.
KAIZEN : Haha yea I love it. I was in a studio today and it was fuckin freezin, had to leave lol.

DnM : Haha, anyway. You produce under the name ‘Kaizen’, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s Japanese right?
KAIZEN :  Yea it’s japanese and it translates to “change for the better”
DnM :  A philosophy of yours? Or is it more of a bravado slogan?

KAIZEN : Philosophy for sure.
DnM : Cool man, I totally get it.
KAIZEN :  I’m always trying to change myself for the better, the name kinda just fell into my hands haha.
DnM : Haha. Yeah, I am a firm believer in ‘Life is a bicycle, you are either moving forward or falling off’
KAIZEN :  Damn, I love that. Imma tweet that.
DnM : Ha. All yours.

DnM : Funny enough, last week my old lady mentioned a new producer she really liked. It was you. However, she was confused because your soundcloud URL and your name differ.
KAIZEN :  That’s so awesome haha, yea i’ve had a couple people get a bit confused

DnM :What’s the distinction between ‘Kaizen’ and ‘The Burbs’
KAIZEN : Oh man here it goes haha. Its’ a long story but basically, the burbs is a side project I started early this year. It represents anyone from or living in the suburbs. Basically, it’s me and my friends just living and writing about our experiences then sharing them with our friends. That’s why you can go to my bandcamp page and find a whole bunch of different music! It’s our foundation.
Kaizen i guess my solo/producer project. So, I guess in a way the burbs has turned into an indie label? idk its hard to explain

DnM : A music community?
KAIZEN :  imagine having a tree house with a bunch of your neighboorhood friends playing like pokemon or something.
The burbs is the tree house and the friends playing pokemon are the artists.
But instead we make music.

DnM :
Favorite Pokemon? And I only count the first 150, none of this 300 and above bullshit.
KAIZEN :  Fuck uhmm charizard
DnM : and why….
KAIZEN : He looks cool and I like fire

realstic pokemon alt-art charizard

DnM : Kaizen, you blend inorganic [electronic] and organic [guitar] music very well, what musical backing do you have?
KAIZEN : Thanks man. Well, I grew up listening to a lot of soul, funk and classic pop and rock.
My mom loved the beatles and the beach boys and my dad loved the Isley Brothers and Curtis Mayfield. In high school I started getting into rock and jazz so it was a cool mesh. I have been playing guitar since i was about 13 and loved it ever since.
DnM : It definitely shows. You rip some pretty narly guitar solos in your music.
KAIZEN :  haha thanks, I try.

DnM :  So, what do you want to achieve with your music then?
KAIZEN : I want to write and produce for other artist. And tour. I love song writing and bringing others ideas come to life but I also loving being in a band and playing out and writing. Those are definitely 2 of my main goals.

DnM : Now I have pissed off some artists before doing this, some to the point of leaving mid-interview. I want to give a personal interpretation of your music: I felt that the majority of your songs carry a certain theme. It’s emotional, it’s usually based around relationships/girl/etc. Would you consider yourself a romantic?
KAIZEN :  lol spot on

DnM :  Do you use your music to pick up chicks? because I totally would….I mean being a black, guitar playing, music producer it probably isn’t that difficult.
KAIZEN : lmao. I actually don’t. I try to stay away from telling girls I’m an artist/producer.
DnM : because they usually ask ‘What instrument do you play?’ and you respond ‘Computer’?
KAIZEN :  Haha, I play guitar, bass, piano, a bit of drums and yes the almighty macbook
DnM :  haha

DnM : Now the final question : If you could do any drug with person past or present, who and what would they be?
KAIZEN :  Hmm. Acid with Carlos Santana at Woodstock
DnM : Nice, I can see that with you being a guitar man.

DnM : Thanks for stopping by Julian, it was fun
KAIZEN : Thank you man ! Really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me