DnM: Kevin, how’s it going today?

KEV//BOT: Good man! I am a big Rockies fan and Todd Helton (my favorite baseball player of all time) had his number retired at the game today and it was an amazing experience

DnM: That’s awesome! Quite the honorary experience to be apart of

KEV//BOT: For sure. Last year I also went to his last home game and those have been great to experience in person

DnM: No doubt. I don’t know baseball well. I do know music though. So let’s stick to that, if that’s cool

KEV//BOT: Haha of course!

DnM: Alright Now, I listened to one of your past interview but didn’t get much out if it. So I think we are going to kick things off with the generics.

KEV//BOT: Right on

DnM: First things first. How did you get involved with Keats? I hung out with Ernest not to long ago and he had a pretty easy in, but what about you?

KEV//BOT: Same haha. Dan (Dinosaurus Rex) was a very good friend of mine in college and actually got me on to producing music, so I was around for the birth of K//C and have been riding that wave since things kicked off

DnM: Nice wave to ride eh

KEV//BOT: Haha without a doubt. Crazy how far things have come in just 2 years. Been really cool to see the growth from 0 following to what it is now.

DnM: Totally. I love the work you guys are doing, it’s great for the emergence of the genre

KEV//BOT: I think so too and it is great to see how much it has helped the artists within the label and give resources to producers to really expand their audience

DnM: For sure I hate this question, but whatever. How’d the name come about? I mean Kevin to Kev,what about the bot?

KEV//BOT: Haha so one of my life long childhood friends has called me kevbot for quite some time. He got the nickname from the movie Hot Rod and I just decided to go with it. And someone was already kevbot on soundcloud so I threw in the //

DnM: Cool beans

KEV//BOT: lol

DnM: hahah

KEV//BOT: a personal favorite

DnM: Great reference though. Pretty cool that is has this little meaning and context

KEV//BOT: Yeah and it has carried on to most of my friends too so I’m pretty universally kevbot at this point haha

DnM: hahaMight as well order the tomb stone now

KEV//BOT: Haha without a doubt

DnM: So Kev//Bot is apart of keats collective and makes disco / funk music. Let’s break that down one step further. NuDisco / Nufunk can refer to lots of styles of music. The melodic piano of breakbot, the fast bmp of Roche, Summer sounds of Viceroy. What’s your take on it

KEV//BOT: I think one thing that is very unique with the whole music scene is all of those artists are constantly growing and developing a new sound and I think the genres themselves are dynamic in the sense that really the definition is constantly changing. I’m really not all that big on giving things genres because I think sometimes they can be a bit restricting and make people follow a certain sound too much

DnM: No I totally agree. A rose by another name right? Doesn’t really matter what you label the sound,it’s about the sound itself. And as someone whose been following the genre since it first came about it, it’s fantastic to see how much life it’s take on.

KEV//BOT: Oh yeah. And to see the personal touches added in is awesome

DnM: Then let me reiterate the question; what’s your production process? Are you crate digging and sampling? Do you focus on a vocal loop, or do you lay drums first? Is Kev//Bot melody driven.

KEV//BOT: I like to go in with as little direction as possible. I think this allows for every track to have a very unique feel to it and keep things almost a little inconsistent. I go through, sample, load into my midi, and just push a bunch of them until something turns out. I actually bail a lot of times on samples though. I am really not that technical in my processes. Very basic

KEV//BOT: But as far as finding samples, I literally just spotify radio an old 70’s or 80’s artist and just listen as background noise until something jumps out at me

DnM: Very true about your music. I don’t really detect a common denominator.¬†Good approach¬†Now digging and listening through 70s and 80s music have you cultivate a taste?

KEV//BOT: I’ve always loved 70’s music. My dad had me listening to music far older than I am for a very long time. I love it. The progression of music is fascinating to me and I think the progression from the 70’s to the 80’s is amazing

DnM: Couldn’t agree more. It’s fantastic to see the musical impact through generations Let’s follow that up with two questions; 1) I take it your dad heavily influenced your music then? and 2) There were a lot of styles going on in the 70s and 80s, tell me a little more specifically about the progression.

KEV//BOT: Definitely. The style he really got me onto is the Bee Gees. But the Bee Gees before they started doing the super funky stuff. Very basic but vibrant. Lush vocals and simple but loud bass lines. Then that sort of leads into the early stages of R&B. I really dig old R&B. Most of the samples from 1514 are old R&B.

KEV//BOT: I’m not huge on super fast, groovey tunes. I like the more mellow vibe

DnM: So their earlier jams like Mend a broken heart. I’m glad to brought up 1514. How has your music evolved from Disco-Driven Vehicle to the album itself.

KEV//BOT: Really just branching out to sampling different time periods, genres, etc. My processes haven’t really changed and neither has my sampling. I just find samples and let them take the driver seat. The inspiration for the sound is really just derived from the artists themselves And as the artists broadened, so did my sound

DnM: That’s cool, a very natural and organic growth

KEV//BOT: And I think that change has kept me interested. I have the type of personality where I can’t do the same thing for too long, so that change is a nessicary one necessary*

DnM: Yeah, I feel yah. Growth is important in both music and life and usually one begins the other We are going to end with our token question (feel free to not answer, totally cool). If you could do one drug with one person past or present, who and what would it be?

KEV//BOT: That’s a tough one haha

DnM: It’s always great insight

KEV//BOT: I’m not big on drugs, but I myself would like to pick the brain of Isaac Newton. I am an engineer and it is amazing to see how far ahead he was in his thought process than anyone else. He developed an equation (one which is still used today) on how to escape the earths atmosphere before electricity was even invented. Hearing his thought process and just diving into his imagination would be an unreal experience.

KEV//BOT: And a less nerdy choice, I would like to have a couple beers with Steve Carell haha. Seems like he has a great personality and just a good energy about him And Michael Scott is my favorite character of all time. I actually am changing my mind and going to the bar with Michael Gary Scott.

DnM: Totally, get first hand knowledge on optics and prisms from the founder himself. The benefits of a society that didn’t block the exploration of ideas

KEV//BOT: People like him to me are the most creative people to have ever lived. In a way, he is an artist. His mind, ideas, and dreams influenced people.

DnM: Influenced everyone after him.

KEV//BOT: Totally. One of the greatest minds in history.

DnM: Respect. Well I think that about does it Kevin. Thanks for taking the time out of your day

KEV//BOT: No doubt man. Probably my favorite interview I’ve done