“Well Played”

They say patience is a virtue. I’m not sure if they are the same people who are ‘writing it off’, but it is certainly apt. Nevertheless, waiting a quarter of a year to meet with Lemâitre was definitely worth it.
Oozing with the influential hand of daft punk, and flourishing with originality, Lemâitre’s unprecedented approach to electronic music can and will have you shaking your groove-thang. Select tracks such as Appreciate,  Unclouded Judgement, and Momentum are perfect for after a night of rump shaking. I could ramble on an on like a giddy school-boy about the band, but it’s best if they explain themselves.

“Lemaitre is a Norwegian indie-electronic duo who formed in the summer of 2010. Together, Ketil & Ulrik create raging disco beats, mixed with soft synthphrases and gripping melodies. When playing live they combine live instruments, not so live instruments and good old live vocals. In their short career, Lemaitre has gained a following from all over the world.The Friendly Sound EP was released at the end of 2010, and the duo are currently working on new material and playing shows wherever the music takes them. Lemaitre is influenced by artists like Justice, Phoenix, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Noisia, Ratatat and Röyksopp.”

DnM : Hey Guys, How’s it going today?
Lemâitre: good, finishing up new songs and shot a video today. Soon to be revealed!
DnM: That is fantastic news, can you guys give a release date for either?
Lemâitre: Unfortunately we dont know yet. We are just trying to tie all the ends together and then we will find a release date as soon as doable. Hopefully sometime in january/early feb tho
DnM: I can speak on behalf of the Lematire fans everywhere, “I can not wait”
Lemâitre: goes for us as well
DnM: Now, it has taken a long freakin time to get you in for this interview. I think I messaged Chris (your manager) back in the summer. What is keeping you guys so busy?

Lemâitre: a lot of things happening all the time, it gets hard sometimes to keep track of what we have scheduled. We recently moved our studios for example, which has been really fun, but also time consuming. We are always working on music as well, so it is a lot of stuff to make time for
DnM: That’s cool, as long as you guys keep producing fantastic music you can take all the time in the world
Lemâitre: hah good to hear!

DnM: I’ve read a lot of your prior interviews, and it seems the same questions keep getting asked over and over. So I want to sum up it all, and start a new. Correct me if I’m wrong : You guys are from Norway, you met in high school, at the time ketil was making house music, and Ulrik was in a band. Ketil is a gymanist with a fear of flying, and Ulrik has an awesome beard. Oh and your named after the guy who coined the Big-Bang Theory. Did I miss anything?
Lemâitre: sounds like you got it all
DnM: Hahaha, ok cool

DnM: So lets take it slow, start off with some atypical questions:
Lemâitre: cool go ahead

DnM: This one is for Ketil
DnM: Ketil, what is the deal with you, a coffee mug, and a finger point?
 (For those unawre – http://ketz.blogg.no/ )

Lemâitre: haha, that was from my days in what i guess would be senior high. i went to a sports school up in lillehammer, which is a pretty small place. Easy to get bored, so there was a lot of whacky antics going on i guess one would say. Fun times
DnM: Haha, I guess bordem leads to interesting idiosyncrasies
Lemâitre: it really does: also, everyone who attended that school lived far from home, so its basically a whole bunch of kids doing whatever they want
DnM: Haha, sounds like a recipe for trouble?
Lemâitre: there was a good deal of property damage etc.. done in that period of time
DnM: Hahahah
Lemâitre: an example; a couple of friends of mine were shooting eachother with softguns over some undone dishes, when a stray bullet cracks a window in the appartment. They actually went about capturing a pidgeon, killed it, and put it under the window to cover it up it was pretty inense
DnM: Hahaha, now Ketil, as awesome as that is. Let’s not divulge TOO much information to the press. But yeah, kids can do some pretty stupid shit, haha
Lemâitre: haha all right. But yes, they are very capable of stupid things

DnM: Ulrik, is there more to life than being really, really good-looking? I mean, I’m a guy, but you must be fighting them off with a pointy stick?
Lemâitre: You mean if there is anything more to life than being really really, really ridicously good looking? no.
DnM: Well played.

DnM: Ketil, how do you feel your style has changed since ‘mojito’?
Lemâitre: well, i started listening to other music, so instead of copying pakito i copy other things
DnM: Haha
DnM: It’s not copying, it’s ‘Inspiration’
Lemâitre: splitting hairs
DnM: haha
Lemâitre: but yeah, i hope its not as obvious now as it was then
DnM: Your lucky, no one over here in NA knows who Pakito is, so feel free
Lemâitre: haha great!

DnM: Ulrik, what style of band were you in prior to Lemaitre?
Lemâitre: We were copying alot the Strokes and older rock like Rolling Stones and Beatles. Looking back we werent that serious, just a bunch of friends, playing around. And it really is an eternity ago now. After that I started listening alot to Hip-hop and producing hip-hop, which is still my favourite music along with electronic.

DnM: Really. Now that is quite interesting. We won’t go too deep into that, but who are some of your favs?
Lemâitre: Favourite producers: Q-tip, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, J-Dilla
Favourite Rappers: Ghosfface Killah, Q-tip, Kendrick Lamar, MF Doom (also favourite producer) Nas of course.
DnM: GKMC was ill.
Lemâitre: YES. bumping that one all the time now
DnM: Ha, nice
DnM: we digress.

DnM: Okay, time for the group questions now!
Lemâitre: cool

DnM: The very first song you guys made together, before “lemaitre”, what was the sound? Or has it always been this way?
Lemâitre: it started out pretty similar to what it sounds like now, only not as good (in our minds). momentum was one of the very first tracks we did together, so i guess that is what it sounded like
DnM: Cool, that song always reminded me something that should be in a snowboard movie…
Lemâitre: hah it was actually used in a ski movie teaser for Field Productions “being there”.  One of the first video type things to use our music
DnM: That is pretty cool, haha

DnM: So we have gone over your previous work, let’s get to what’s good today.

DnM: You have gone on record saying Daft Punk is one of your biggest influences – it is fairly apparent. Specifically speaking, the songs ‘Appreciate’ and ‘Something About Us’ have a lot of commonality. Was there a direct influence?…or inspiration
Lemâitre: yes there are a lot of things that we take, both litterally, and more subtle. The main chord progression in apreciate is almost the exact same as voyager for example. The starting sketches of Appreciate actually came along after listening to “Emotion” from “Human after all” and wanting to create something in that vein… But I guess it turned out differently. And I never thought of it being similat to Something About us, but Its cool that people percieve it different than what we imagined.

DnM: It was was the bass notes. 4 Single octaves played all funk like, atop that reverbed chord progression
Lemâitre: ah yes, thinking of it now, it is actually pretty similar
DnM: Boom – mind blown
DnM: ha
DnM: anyway
Lemâitre: indeed

DnM: Let’s be honest: The nordic electronic music scene isn’t really that massive. With bands like Sigur Ros / Olafur being the most popular, people have the expectation of that style. You know, more serene, beautiful music? What are your hopes for the nordic electronic music scene.
Lemâitre: that it will spawn a bigger variety of music that SHM and Sigur Ros.  More serious though: there is a bunch of good up and coming music from nordic contries, so hopefully some of it will get big. Right now it is not nearly as big(nordic electronic music), as music from further down in europe,  but Sweden and Iceland are streets ahead us Norwegians on the international music scene. For some weird reason”

DnM: Cool. Cool, cool, cool
Lemâitre: thats nice
DnM: Between you and me, I don’t Chang a lot of chicks
Lemâitre: youre the worst!
DnM: hahahaha
DnM: brilliant
DnM: I’ve made a huge mistake.
DnM: Okay. We can get side tracks with awesome tv quotes for hours. Let’s get back to it
Lemâitre: yes lets

DnM: I’d like to ask you about your lyrics. You don’t write about the usual things a mid-twenties would. IE Girls. I notice you touch on space, adventures or even time frequently, So I guess I’m asking, What inspiries you?
Lemâitre: We try to write about everything that isnt girls, cause that is pretty overdone we think. We are pretty musch interested in everything else, so why not just write about that instead. No homo


Lemâitre: well played
DnM: Ha
Lemâitre: but yes, we like space´n shit
DnM: hence the name
Lemâitre: yup

DnM: I read a very interesting fan theory the other day. ‘Time to realize’ is about Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il’s son. Care to comment?
Lemâitre: yes that one is true

DnM: No Shit.
Lemâitre: it isnt very subtle i guess
DnM: Well, the music video is a dead give away.
Lemâitre: its fun to read comments on youtube trying to desipher the lyrics. they usually come really close, but miss one or two words, and change the meaning. fun stuff
DnM: yah, that must be a pretty cool trip.
Lemâitre: it is

DnM: PS. that guy dancing in the video – unreal moves

Lemâitre: we know, its intense. he´s actually a friend of our, called danby choi.
Everone in the video was actually korean, except the guy they interogated. Keepin it real. attention to details
DnM: haha
DnM: 1. Was he dancing to your song, or his own choice?

2. So he is asain, with norwegian accent?
Lemâitre: dancing to our song, and everything improvised. 2: no he grew up in Norway, so speaks fluently

DnM: Cool
DnM: We have done your past, present, now the future
Are you guys any closer to perfecting that first album? It has been a while since you have released a batch of new music, I know the fans must be jonesing…My interviews are  like ‘A Christmas Carol’
Lemâitre: haha. we are currently producing what will be relativity 3, and it is coming along quite nicely. The single is almost done, while the other tracks are a bit behind. This will be the last of the relativty trilogy, so we´ll see what comes after that

DnM: Exciting news.

Lemâitre: indeed it is.

DnM: Maybe a special exclusive leak, to say, a charming music blogger, with an unhealthy memory of television quotes?

Lemâitre: if that should be the case, we will have to wait untill the song is done. To many times have fans been angry with us due to songs sounding different than demos we put out. too many times i tell you!
DnM: hahaha…pricks
Lemâitre: it is understandable tho
DnM: I suppose.

DnM: Alright, we are almost done 2 more to go
DnM: I’m stuck ALL the way on the west Coast of NA, any plans of touring this way?
Lemâitre: yes, we are going over there in january to do some stuff and what not, so hopefully there will be a couple of gigs to go with it. We have got some great partners in the US, so hopefully there will be a lot more of that in the future
DnM: Swing by Van-City, I’ll show you the ropes, introduce you some lady friends, or what ever your into…Ulrik.
Lemâitre: haha great
DnM: haha

DnM: Okay

DnM: Final question
Lemâitre: go
DnM: I want an answer from each of you on this one.

DnM: I ask this to all my interviewees

DnM: If you could do any drug with any person, past or present, who and what would it be?
Lemâitre: ketil: heroin with Hendix.. cant go wrong with that one
Lemâitre: wait what?.. ok heres ulrik:
Lemâitre: smoking trees with the wu-tang and bill murray
DnM: hahahah
DnM: Cause 1. Nothing goes wrong when doing Heroin ( Jane – BB )

2. Haha that would be a good time

DnM: Alright guys, I got to take off. Not all of us have the liberty of making ends meet by making music. Drugs and Mirrors doesn’t pay a bloody wage.
Lemâitre: coolio! it was real fun, and good on you for doing research! thanks for having us
DnM: Haha, it was my pleasure guys