Lola Disco

A Letter From The Editor

You know how they say respect your elders, well Lola Disco is the perfect example. Sure, he might be twice the age of most producers these days but he also has twice the talent and twice the monikers of everyone else. After killing in the G-Funk/Hip-Hop genre as Paradizzle he switches genres and produces as Lola Disco.

DnM: Lola Disco, thank you for taking time out of your day to be here.

Lola Disco: No problem, its a pleasure for me.

DnM: Let’s start of real nice and easy. Let’s introduce Lola Disco to your fans. Tell them a little bit about who you are and your music.

Lola Disco: Hi Im Lola Disco, a 41 years old DJ from Porto Alegre, Brazil. I have been a professional DJ for many years, playing black music at many parties in my city and other nearby.

DnM: What is Lola Disco all about?

Lola Disco: So, lets talk in steps hehehe. First, in 2013 I created the Paradizzle project along with a friend, the beatmaker Russo El-D. But Paradizzle has a different style, more hip-hop oriented and I was thinking of doing something more disco more dance-able, more upbeat in a modern Future Funk/French Touch style so Lola Disco was born.

DnM: Wonderful explanation. Is there anything you want to achieve with or do differently with Lola Disco than Paradizzle.

Lola Disco: Oh yes. As Lola Disco has a more dance floor style, it represents a change of style in my DJing, maybe a turnaround in my DJ career.¬† I’ve played in many places as a hip-hop DJ, but I believe there are many things to be done, I still new to do it hehehe.

DnM: Hahaha. You’ve said you are from Brazil. Does this impact your music in anyway? As a Canadian, Brazil is perceived to be a very sexual, expressive, and warm place to live.

Lola Disco: Yeah maybe the hot summer, beautiful girls and the party time mood influenced me. This is reflected in my music, just listen a little to notice….
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DnM: As well in your art and aesthetic.

Lola Disco: Yep. I work as a art director in a digital agency.

DnM: How cool!

Lola Disco: I do my own cover art.

DnM: Well they really fit your vibe. Good job.

Lola Disco: Thanks!

DnM: Would you categorize your music as Future Funk?

Lola Disco: Yes. A sample based style, but we have many different interpretations for Future Funk.

DnM: Yes, I agree. There is the anime Future Funk, and Japanese influenced Future Funk. That post vapor-wave Future Funk.

Lola Disco: Yep, some people think that Future Funk is a Japanese, weebo thing and there is also a Japanese stuff for sure and some artists only use Japanese samples.

DnM: How would you describe this growing in size and wide ranged genre?

Lola Disco: I do not really like this scene, but there are good things. I think that Future Funk was born in Vaporwave and, somehow, in a moment some guys realized that Vaporwave could be dance-able and could be pop so Future Funk was born, adding elements of House Music French Touch and similar stuff.

DnM: Yes, it’s a great new genre. I love how it’s a mix of many styles and sounds. You mentioned you disliked the scene. From what I’ve seen, from the outside, it’s very tight knit.

Lola Disco:  I do not really like this scene, but there are good things.

DnM: It seems to be a very exclusive but a close community. What are the problems within the scene?

Lola Disco: I think there are names on the scene that do not help anyone.

DnM: Despite being helped on their way up?

Lola Disco: Mainly the new ones. The majority of the Future Funk scene help each other
like, I owe everything to my collective the Sunrise Collective

DnM: Yeah, they are a great collective.

Lola Disco: Guys like Noah, Rhodes, ED., Cero Rio, Nico, Riverwave. they helped me a lot

DnM: All great music makers.

Lola Disco: My biggest criticism is for some the great artists.

DnM: How would you like the genre to grow and fix itself in the future?

Lola Disco: I hope that the genre can have a bigger attention at the club scene
in the future, more people having gigs, playing at a several parties, selling¬† music on the internet. That’s it. I think it’s still a underdog in the musical scene.

DnM: Very much agreed. It would be nice to hear this kind of music at a club not just pop and top 40 music. And for yourself, Lola Disco. What do you hope for your music? How do you want you grow as an artists?

Lola Disco: So, we are always learning. I have study a lot of mixing/master skills mixing drums, samples and etc. My album is almost done maybe next month will be out

DnM: Ooh, what can you tell your fans about the release?

Lola Disco: I released 3 singles of the album recently: ‘Summer Body’, ‘All the Time’ and ‘Love Your Grooves’. The rest of the album will follow this mood It has a good feedback in every single, each one was uploaded by Artzie! Thanks Artzie.

DnM: Awesome!

Lola Disco: But, in a way, I think this a final chapter for some kinds of beats I made last year. I always thinking to make something better

DnM: Now this last question may be tricky. If you could do any drug with any person, past or present, who and what would it be?

Lola Disco: got it smoke weed with Bob Marley maybe? an awesome thing to do for sure hahaha

DnM: ahaha that is great. I want to say thanks again for your time and doing this today

Lola Disco: Thank u very much for the invite!