A Letter From The Editor


I first met Melonade in the small sub reddit /r/NuDisco. He posted his song ‘Out There’ requesting feedback and critique. He wasn’t there to promote, or showboat, he genuinely wanted to share and improve his craft. Later down the road, he reached out and requested a feature; this artist has a desire to improve, hone his production skills, and has the hunger and tenacity to seek it…All the while well remaining humble.

DnM: Hey Ewan, thanks for taking time out of your night to do this.

Mélonade: Hi, no problem at all, it’s a pleasure to be here.

DnM: Happy to have you. Now, since this is your first E-nterview, let’s run through the basics for your fans. Who is Mélonade and how did the name come to be?

Mélonade: Well, I guess the name came from back in high school, where my nickname was “Melon”. I can’t honestly remember why it was that though…

DnM: Haha, fair enough.

Mélonade:  And it’s just the name I gave to the music project I’ve been doing for a number of years now Always thought I could of chosen a better name, but it’s been so long that I don’t really want to change it at this point, haha.

DnM: Well, I like it. Now, you said you’ve been at this a number of years now, but your track releases on SC have been up for about a year. Did you just practice until you felt comfortable to release music?

Mélonade:  I had some older tracks up which I deleted, but that’s pretty much the case, yes I was never really good at music, and didn’t do any of it at school, so it took me a while to get to the point where I was happy to put my stuff out there.

DnM: You’ve got to be proud of your work and what you release. Over the year, and dozens of tracks, you’ve experimented with quite a few genres. Now, I think? It’s safe to say you focus on Future Funk.

Mélonade:  Mostly true, I’d like to add in hip-hop to that as well though I released “fired” a few months ago, it was a really fun project.

DnM: Great Spiderman sample too…

Mélonade:  Of course, it did fit with the EP name after all haha.


Now, the Future Funk community is an interesting one and one you seem to have some roots in. What’s it like on the inside?

Mélonade:  Pretty nice community, unfortunately it is tarnished by a few bad apples (not going to name names), but most of the artists there are really nice people, and mostly make really great stuff.

DnM: It seems very tight knit.

Mélonade:  Very, that has it’s pros and cons pros being it’s easy to share and collaborate with others, and get feedback but being so close can spark arguments sometimes.

DnM: True true. A proverbial cool kids club. Now, as a hip-hop and Future Funk producer, how do you keep your tracks ‘fresh’? When there a limited amount of samples, and IMO, a lot of samples that are over used.

Mélonade:  sample over-use is a very key point I think, I usually make sure to check if a sample has been used before if it has, I just throw it out apart from that, I mostly just try lots of new stuff, taking influence from different genres or places

DnM:Which I think is evident in your music

Mélonade:  Thank you! Glad to know that it’s visible in what I make.

DnM: Now does this the finite amount of samples put any restrictions on the evolution of the genre? and where do you see it going?

Mélonade:  I think it only places a restriction if people are going to stick to a generic formula of how to use the samples. More originality, even future funk without sampling needs to be considered as to where it’s going, hard to say, but I can’t see it going past a small internet genre.

DnM: Artists are only limited by their creativity. But, yes I can see it being similar to ‘vaporwave’ in that sense. What about you? Melonade. What is your future like? How do you see the growth and evolution of your sound

Mélonade: I’d say in terms of growth, I just want to get to the point where I am 100% happy with what I make I’m working on some entirely original compositions at the moment A career path I’d also really love to have a look at is making sountracks / sound effects for video games or films I’ve done one or two before, and they were super fun.

DnM: That’s awesome. Any specific goals, objective or collaborations in terms of music production?

Mélonade:  I don’t really have any specific goals when it comes to collaborations, but one thing I want to aim for is to do at least one live show sometime, if possible. Apart from that, I just want to improve and share my stuff with others who enjoy it.

DnM: That’s a good path to follow
Now, when aunts and uncles ask, how do you explain to them what you do and make?

Mélonade:  Well explaining that I make music isn’t too difficult, but explaining computers is the hard part. I do use one or two instruments, but of course all of my production is done on software.

DnM: Cool! Now, this is my final question that I ask everyone. It’s really about the experience and less about the details.
But, if you could do any drug, with any person, past or present who and what would it be?

Mélonade:  That’s quite the question haha Having never had drugs, I’d probably just say alcohol (if that counts?) as for the person, it would probably be either one of the members of daft punk, or my best friend James.

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DnM: hahaha
Thomas or Guy-Manuel, would an excellent time Can’t say I know James, haha Well, this was great. Thanks again for doing this interview.

Mélonade:  No problem, pleasure was all mine Cheers.