Re: Mystery Skulls


A Letter from the Editor

I have been running Drugs and Mirrors for a little over 2 years now, and today marks our 300th post. In my time I have met many artists, seen many shows and listened to countless hours of music. Yet I have never met anyone so deserving of success than Luis from Mystery Skulls. He is widely talented and incredibly humble.

Mystery Skulls was the first interview I ever conducted and personally one of my all time favorite artists. Call it what you want: pop, electro, synth, dance, Luis’ music is fantastic.

I was fortunate enough to meet him in person at his very first tour show in my home town of Vancouver. It was the highlight of my blogging career. Maybe its because he is a producer I look up to, or maybe it was because he said we looked brothers and I was giddy for a week, or maybe it is because he is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met. He is someone that I would now call a friend.

I have been saving this interview for the new design launch of the blog. (Lu if you are reading this, sorry for the delay). I can honestly say that I had a great time, and I wish him nothing but success and happiness in life.

The Interview

DnM : First off, it’s nice to finally meet you in in person Lu.

Mystery Skulls : Great to finally meet you.

DnM : It’s been about what? 3 years now? We first got together right after you dropped your EP.

Mystery Skulls : Yeah. You were the first person to every to reach out to me.

DnM : You’ve come along way since then. I mean if we include The Secret Handshake and the EP, to now, it has been quite the journey. What’s changed, what’s evolved?

Mystery Skulls : I think the songs themselves are fucking way cooler now. I just work at it everyday. I just sit there and write songs everyday. For any one song people hear from me I’ve written like 100 bad ones.

DnM : Is it hit or miss?

Mystery Skulls : I don’t think…it’s probably not as hit or miss as it is in my mind.But I just try to like — I don’t want any filler. Like fuck that. I want everything to be really good. You know?

DnM: So you’re a bit of a perfectionist then?

Mystery Skulls : Ya a bit of a perfectionist. But it’s doing a lot to get the one really good ones. But yeah that’s what  changed man. Like when I did the EP,  those were the first 4 Mystery Skulls that ever existed. I wrote 4 song sand I put them out.

DnM : Congratulations on the first tour too.

Mystery Skulls : Thank you.

DnM : Your first stop is Vancouver, Canada. How does it feel to be back?

Mystery Skulls : It’s amazing thank you for saying that. For people that don’t know,  I was born in Venezuela and raised in Toronto.That was my seven to sixteen,  my fucking shitty teen years.  I love Canada.  I am so happy to be back. It was really easy for me to get into to.  It was like “I am Canadian, don’ hassle me”. So it was cool.

DnM & Mystery Skulls : Hahahaha.

DnM : As this is your first Mystery Skulls tour do you have any wacky rider requests?No like, red M&Ms only?

Mystery Skulls : Haha, no no no. Although, recently, I did find out why the red M&M were in there. It’s mind blowing.  It’s a test.  If they were missing then they know they fucked something up and  didn’t read the rider.

DnM : Yeah, yeah, who was that band again? They had a pyrotechnic show and it was the only way they could guarantee that it was safe.

[Lu – it was Van Halen]

DnM : So you got your debut album coming out.  Which 1) You got collaborate with Nile Rogers on, 2 – a release of ghost. Tell me about that

Mystery Skulls : Dude, lets just start with the record. The record is — Man It’s been a long  time coming I’ve got a track on there with Nile. It’s a song called Magic. It’s fucking awesome. It’s so amazing, I am so proud of it.


Mystery Skulls : I had this track that I made. It was really beautiful sounding with these amazing strings, and I had this little idea. Nile just sat there and played and it sounded amazing. It’s literally the happiest mystery skulls song that exists. I have never done a song that happy.

DnM : So can I be a bit presumptuous?

Mystery Skulls :  Sure.

DnM : A lot of your songs dabble with the ladies.

Mystery Skulls. HA, yeah.

DnM : Is it safe to say you are a bit of a romantic?

Mystery Skulls : Yeah. Absolutely. I mean who isn’t?

DnM : So what inspires better music? The lose of love, or the joy of love?

Mystery Skulls : I love love.

DnM : Who doesn’t?

Mystery Skulls : There is something about writing songs when you are feeling relations.It feels so good, that the only thing I can do right now, is this. I don’t know what else to do?

DnM : It’s a nice outlet.

Mystery Skulls : Yeah. I think sometimes in life people settle in to a path, and stick to that path for ever and ever an ever. I feel like I got out of my own rut, my own rut that I created, and made an entirely new life. Entirely new. And that’s what is magic is about. It was literally that. I have to believe in magic. I showed up in LA with nothing and knowing no one playing shows for 8 people. I got stand there and watch it evolve. It’s fucking amazing.

DnM : Last time you said Nick Drake, so I am not going to allow it this time. If you could do anydrug with any person past or present, who and what would it be.

Mystery Skulls : Dam…..You know, I really love Wu Tang and I love ODB and I think if I could drink 40’s with ODB.

Ol Dirty Bastard

DnM : Sitting on a stoop like this?

Mystery Skulls & DnM : Hahahaha

Mystery Skulls : That man was so amazingly special. If he could have been around for just another 5 or 10 years he could have completely changed the game.

DnM : I had a great time Lu, thank you.

Mystery Skulls : Me too man.


I would like to officially state that from now on DnM will only post interviews and that all prior non-interview posts will be taken down.