A man of few words can speak volumes through art…

His name is RuddyP, and he likes hi-hats…and kittens.  RuddyP has been on DnM’s radar for a long time, even to the point of featuring his music on several occasions. It is utterly infectious. Skewed vocals, plethora of hi-hats, viciously dark rhythmic kicks and baby bottom smooth melodies, regardless of what you want to call it: dreamwave, trap, futurebeats,  it’s fantastic.

I was lucky enough to sit down with ruddy for an hour or so and talk music:


DnM: Hey Ruddy, how’s it going today?
RuddyP: great! Thanks for hitting me up to do this
DnM: Haha, pleasure is all mine
DnM: Just the heads up, I went all ‘Nardwaur’ on this one, haha.
RuddyP: sounds good haha

DnM: So Ruddy Javier Paniagua, let’s start off with something easy, that I know you love.
DnM: Top 3 favorite things about kitties?
RuddyP: hahaha I love kittens. Let’s see:
1. they’re undeniably cute
2. They walk around all over my music gear and ruin everything
3. They’re undeniably cute
DnM: Hahah, couldn’t have said it better myself. I won’t give you guff for doubling up, since it’s so true.

DnM: People may not know this, but you’re from Virgina, correct?
RuddyP: correct
DnM: Now, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Virginia, isn’t exactly the electronic music scene.
DnM: How has growing up in that area affected your music styling?

RuddyP: there really isn’t a music scene here where I live. It’s a very small town. I grew up playing guitar and trying to start post-rock bands with friends. Getting nowhere with music made me want to start experimenting with computer production and doing everything by myself
DnM: Well that decision certainly worked out for the best, wouldn’t you agree?
RuddyP: yeah definitely

 DnM: Which brings me to my next question: How would you genre-ify yourself? I mean, you have been compared to people like xxyyxx, Hollow Pigeons, Carling Ruse (all people you’ve worked quite closely with), hell, even Star Slinger.

RuddyP: hah I find all these blog genres funny. The better ones are dreamwave or dream trap. When I started making music it was just me messing with sounds. I wasn’t even aware of the blog game. I just thought I was making electronic music. I’m really influenced by ambient dreamy stuff so I guess those names make sense
DnM: Hahah, there is too much music to keep up with these days – gotta classify them somehow.

DnM: Well ambient dreamy stuff, and j dilla?
RuddyP: haha of course. My favorite producer
DnM: Yeah, his stuff is legendary. They don’t make them like ‘donuts’ anymore
RuddyP: true

DnM: I touched based on Carling Ruse earlier. You have remixed one of her songs, when can we expect a collaboration? She is your girlfriend, after all.
RuddyP: we’ve actually talked about working on stuff together. I don’t know though. It’s hard for some reason haha. When we’re on our computers we kind of ignore each other and do our own thing. She’s always right next to me so it’s pretty unexplainable. Maybe someday
DnM: Haha, someday soon I hope. Her stuff is awesome.
RuddyP: yeah, she’s great

DnM: So, whatever happened to heavy deer?
RuddyP: heavy deer was a release of emotions and thoughts at that point in my life. Also it was me taking a break from “beats”. It’s just sad stuff to me though so I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to it.
DnM: Can’t say I’d ever wish ill on anyone, but it was truly beautiful music.
RuddyP: thank you!


DnM: You have come a long way since songs like ‘Late Talks’ and ‘Cancelled Flight’, how do you feel your music has progressed since then?
RuddyP: whoa! I wish I still had that cancelled flight track. My music now is more dynamic has more body to it. Back then it was just patterns switching back and forth.
DnM: Hahaha, this is an odd thing to say, but I think I have a copy somewhere I can send you, haha.
RuddyP: hahaha that would be awesome

[Note: After several hours of searching, I was not able to find cancelled flight] 

DnM: You are a fan if Cyril Hahn. How did you feel when he dropped his remix of ‘say my name’? It gained immense exposure
RuddyP: yeah that was pretty crazy. He followed me on soundcloud and I really digged his tunes. I’m pretty sure it was before it blew up. Amazing track

DnM: Yeah the way he constructs the melody from the acapella, and that dance rhythm…awesome. Call me a fan boy, but I still prefer yours.
RuddyP: haha no way but thanks!

: Now the question that I ask everyone, not sure if it will work this time. If you could do any drug with person past or present, who and what would it be?
RuddyP: $$~drug free~$$ sorry to ruin your question haha
DnM: Hahah, hey man you didn’t ruin it. You are the first of many to respond with that, congrats.

DnM: But, I’ll let you get out of here. Thanks for your time.
RuddyP: no problem