A Letter From The Editor

I’ve known Jérémie for some time now; in mid 2014 he joined a side project of mine called The Aphrodisiac. It was through this project, a task which required sifting through hundreds of artists for a specific sound, that I discovered his music. I can even recall the exact moment when his rendition of Next – “Wifey” floated into my stream — standing in the cold, on the train platform, on my way to work — It was then I knew he was some I had to work with.  And now, I am fortune to have done so.

Despite having a 10 hour time we difference we managed to get together.

The Interview:

DnM : Hello Jeremie, I’m glad we could finally schedule a time together.

Slowz: Hello Kyle, it was not easy !

DnM: We’re here now. All that matters.

Slowz: Sure.

DnM: For any readers who don’t know you and I worked together on The Aphrodisiac.

Slowz: It was a pleasure to be part of your project by sending you a track.

DnM: Yeah, it was great to work with you. It’s also important to let readers know you are French…

Slowz : They will see it by reading me.

DnM: Haha.

Slowz: My English is really bad.

DnM: Practice makes perfect! Just like music. When you started producing you weren’t great at it? But after time you are.

Slowz: I never like my music ahah. And I think it will never change. I don’t know why…you know, when you are producing, you are listening you track too and when I finished a song after 2 hours or one week it depends. I can’t listen it anymore.


Slowz: The chords attack me, the drums are not good, etc

DnM: Yes. You critique your work.

Slowz: Yes! think it’s important

DnM: Absolutely. So like speaking English, but with music, you started out at beginning making mistakes. Learning. When did you start producing and making music?

Slowz: 2 years ago. I had a first house project called Alex Pace but I stopped this project because I wanted to produce something more melodious with more chords.

DnM: Which, I think you have done well.

Slowz: I don’t know ahah. but I’m currently working on my album. It’s a very big project with many collaborations.

DnM: What can you tell about the album?

Slowz: It will be about my childhood. About my first music influences. Like the singer of the secret handshake, now mystery skulls. We will collaborate on this album.

DnM: A good friend of both of us.

Slowz: Yes. a nice guy

DnM: Very.  I look forward to hearing that!

Slowz : Maybe a collaboration with a very very good guy too called romuald. this song is very special We are talking together about a collaboration he is waiting for my song, and maybe ready to sing on one of the track of the album so two male vocalists, mystery skulls and romuald.

DnMA personal favorite of mine. Anything from the Upper Cuts, really.

DnM: This brings me to my next question! You are from Paris, France. You mentioned Alan Braxe and Romuald. France has some of the most well known electronic music producer ever — Daft Punk, Justice, Breakbot, etc. A very impressive list. And the only country, I know of, who has their own ‘house’ sound. French House.

Slowz: For sure. Everybody heard about “French Touch”. Very distinct. With Yuksek, Ed Bangers etc.

DnM: Louis La Roche.

Slowz: He’s not French.

DnM: Liar!

Slowz: From UK. But I don’t know why he choose a French nickname. I’m from Tulle but I have been living in Paris since this summer.

DnM: Paris. My next question. How do you enter the French music scene when there IS that distinct sound and ‘the bar has been set high’. I hope that translates.

Slowz: No ahah. But I understand no problem. Hum it’s very hard, especially here. Every new producers have to do something new, find new sounds, new drums, new textures, new gimmick. Producers constantly need to invent something. When I started Alex Pace there was 3 millions soundcloud users. Now, I don’t know. But more and more we are embedded in social networks. People are expecting music will change their lives when they see that you can be rich and famous. We have to admit it’s tempting.

DnM: Yes,  definitely.

Slowz: But be rational.

DnM: It takes the new drums and new sounds, textures and gimmicks to do that.

Slowz: Yes.

DnMI would like to comment on your music. A common theme. – Aimer — (Is that right? hah) Love.

Slowz: Ya. Ahah, clap clap.

DnM: Google translate Hahaha.

Slowz: Ahahaha cheater.

DnM: But. This is true?

Slowz: Yes. It’s true.

DnM: Your music is very full of love. I know, being personal friends, you have a lady in your life. Is she your influence?

Slowz: I’m in love, so yes she is.

DnM: It your expression.

Slowz: Yes.

DnM: Well, she is a lucky lady.

DnM: I would like to ask one more question

Slowz: Yes.

DnM: It’s about the experience, the moment — If you could do any drug, with any person (past or present), who and what would it be?

Slowz: Hum okay ! Drink Bombay Sapphire with canblaster – My favorite electronic producer so far.

DnM: Very cool. I would like to thank you for not studying for school and doing this interview instead. It was a pleasure.

Slowz: Ahah for sure it’s better to talk about music. It was subtle.
Thank you too Kyle.

DnM: au revoir!