A Letter From The Editor

Like everyone does, or should, I follow Keats/Collective. Religiously. More recently I noticed an emerging act of theirs ‘Solitaire’, and like the other artists represented by KC, I fell in love.
Now, when I found out he lives in Vancouver, and is cousins with our friend Kinship, well…I just had to meet him.

The Interview:

DnM: Good evening Adam. How was your weekend?
Solitaire: Good, got pretty shit-faced on Friday, worked the Canucks game last night, did some recording, all good stuff. Yourself?
DnM: Far less fun. Adult stuff like packing.
Solitaire: Gotta love it Where ya movin to?
DnM: Seymour street?
Solitaire: Downtown! Very nice.

DnM: Yeah. As nice as Vancouver is, we are here to talk about you and your music – Soliatire and Delayed Pleasure.
Solitaire: We are? I thought we were gonna chat real estate!
DnM: I’ve been told to buy low and sell high.
Both: *laugh*

DnM: Let’s start with the basics. Go to crawl before you walk. What’s in a name? As far as solitaire or the album? Or both?
Solitaire: Both! Well. I put out some music under the name nouveau cliche, but when I started working with Keats/Collective they wanted me to pick a fresh name.
I actually stole the name from my dad’s band he played in in the mid 70s
DnM: Haha right on
Solitaire: Figured it was kinda cool, and surprisingly nobody else is using it
DnM: Cool!

DnM: And your début EP?
Solitaire: Yeah, I guess so. As for the name of the album, the thing that made it different from stuff I’ve put out in the past is I actually had to wait a couple months between completing the Ep and it getting released. Which was kind of nice cause it gave me time to do a little promoting and make a video and stuff so the pleasure of releasing the album was delayed…And the name kinda stuck
DnM: Hustled before the release, how OG. That’s great it carries a personal meaning too.
Works on a few levels, Beauty!

DnM: Now, the cover for your album looks like a ‘neon-disclosured’ version of this
Solitaire: That’s the photo! Andrew walker did the artwork…he’s done stuff for lots of the Keats releases, saint pepsi, macross, list goes on. Very talented dude Has the 80s esthetic down pat
DnM: Cool!


DnM: What stroke me most interesting was your choice of using hardware. Very few producers use what looks to be an analogue machine.
Solitaire: Yeah, this is true, software sounds so good these days and is pretty cheap.

DnM: Aren’t analogue machines are expensive AF?
Solitaire: Not necessarily, I used the shit out of my 400 dollar roland jp8000 on the album. It’s an analog modelling synth, so I guess it’s not totally analog But still nailed down some of the sounds I was looking for
DnM: It was certainly refreshing to see

DnM: Now, using an analogue/semi-analogue machine, does that pose any issues in regards to mixing? Steely Dan is an all time favourite of yours and they are known for thier skills, I was wondering if that had any influence.
Solitaire: Not really, it takes a lot of time, since I’m playing all the parts live and I’m totally anally retentive about the playing being close to perfect as possible
Totally man,
DnM: A perfectionist?
Solitaire: Totally. I love the dan. So so much. Donald and Walter are the absolute pinnacle of musicality, in my books.

DnM: Which part of you influences your usic the most. Lyrics? In term of notation? Production? Timbre?
Solitaire: I definitely think chord structure above all that, cause that’s where the emotion and mood of a song comes from.
DnM: Nothing like an a-flat minor
Solitaire: Lyrics are just filler for this project, I don’t keep anything too personal It’s cool to throw some jazzy modes in there from time to time
DnM: With lyrics like ‘I wouldn’t mind a one night stand’, I’d hope they aren’t tooo personal.
Solitaire: This is true.

DnM: Haha. If lyrics are just fillers, for the most part, how do you come up with your words?

Solitaire: Whatever suits the melody. It’s kinda like a puzzle. Finding the right amount of syllables while still making some kind of sense.
DnM: Do you try and keep syllables to a 4/4 or the timing pattern? Do you do more advanced drumming like 16ths or triplets? A combination of both like a hihat free style?
Solitaire: I don’t really know, I kind of just scat out a melody over top of whatever chords I’ve got then try and find words
DnM: Ha, I guess that’s the jazz influence from The Dan.
Solitaire: Could be!

DnM: Well I’d like to close with my token question, and I already have an idea where it’s headed. If you could do any drug with any person past or presence, who and what would it be
Solitaire: Oh man that’s a good one, probably drop acid with Arthur Russell. He’s my favourite
DnM: Obscure one, cool! How come?
Solitaire: Cause I figure he’d probably have a good acid hookup
Both: Hahaha
DnM: Just as long as it isn’t brown

Solitaire: Definitely not! Don’t wanna end up like Santana onstage and Woodstock But, Probably my biggest influence, I really love him.  He has such a way with so many different genres
DnM: A True musician.

DnM: I think that wraps it about up! Thanks for hanging out to night
Solitaire:  Anytime homie!