Summer Occasion


DnM : Hey Jon, thanks for doing the interview. How’d the weekend treat you?

Summer Occasion : Hey Kyle, no problem thanks for having me. The weekend has been pretty chill for me, how about you?

DnM : Haha, It started Friday, with Vodka and oysters and ended up, the next morning, with a mandatory hangover cure, pho trip.

Summer Occasion : Haha, Pho is such a blessing.

DnM : If you could some how incorporate vegetables to pho in a way that supplied you with necessary living nutrients, I would eat it for every meal.

Summer Occasion : Haha you and me both

DnM : Hahaha. Okay so normally I start bottom to top working my way up from smallest detail to biggest, but instead today we are going top down. Drop bombs right out of the gate.

Summer Occasion : I’m down haha

DnM: I have to give you a sincere and big thanks. Truthfully, you helped me get my girlfriend.

Summer Occasion : No way…

DnM : Yeah dude. Straight up.

Summer Occasion: wuuuuuuuuutttttttt. I knew my music would be good for some things but…damn

DnM : She’s a fellow blogger, I won’t name drop, who in our courtship showed me your song – Missin You
It set a mood or two…a day

Summer Occasion : Hahaha, damn I wish I had that effect when I show my music to a girl.

DnM : How can’t it? I worked for me and I didn’t even make it.

Summer Occasion : Well, I guess it’s cause I don’t really show my music to anyone haha

DnM : You should be proud dude, you have that photo of 27,000 plays in a month. That shits crazy. But I was able to lock her in as my girlfriend when I featured your song in a mixtape I made for her. You got some powerful stuff.

Summer Occasion : Trueeee, haha, idk.. I just feel weird when I promote my music to people individually. I just throw it out, maybe post or tweet it. But won’t actually hit people individually.

DnM : I can respect that.

Summer Occasion : That’s so cool man, I’m happy I played some role in your relationship haha

DnM : Hahah, thanks man. Now I assume it’s intentional that your music carries a certain theme or tone? It’s always carries a certain positive romantic feeling.
Except Stars are Born.

Summer Occasion : I just try to make it very melodic, using nice chords. At least chords that I think are nice haha

DnM : Cool, what’s your favourite key to play in?

Summer Occasion : Honestly.. I don’t know what key / key’s I’m playing haha. I mean I know the keys and what not, but not to the extent to where I know what key I’m playing in

DnM : That’s cool, I have friends who play similarly. It definitely produces more of an emotional sound, not being restricted by a key.

Summer Occasion : Sometimes I’ll change the master pitch and just smash on the C scale cause it’s easy. Find a nice progression then revert back to the normal pich, and then change the key’s to where they were when the pitch was altered

DnM: Yeah I avoid the black keys too. Which kinda sounds racist, haha. But I mean I like the sound of A flat Minor but dislike how difficult it is to play.

Summer Occasion : Haha, sometimes you can’t live with em, other times you can’t live without em

DnM : Haha very true. I do want to step back one second. Stars are Born. It’s the only song in your 30+ catalogue that sounds different.

Summer Occasion : Yeah, with Stars are Born, I just wanted to put something different up. Being that I actually have at least maybe 10 more of those floating around in my incompleted projects. I really just like making all types of music haha and wanted to show that by throwing that on my sc

DnM : That’s cool, versatility is a good a characteristic to have. Especially in a musician.
It be nice to hear some more.

Summer Occasion : But sometimes I can’t help but think. What are my followers following me for? Haha I’m making rnb stuff, I was tough on that far out chillwave in the beginning, now I’m playing around with house. It’s like, is this the same person? haha
Noted, I’ll probably work on those a bit more

DnM : Nah man, artists have to grow. Look at any long standing musician their first album and last album sound entirely different.

Summer Occasion : You’re totally right, but a lot of them completely move on. I’m a bit back and forth haha

DnM : Haha. Now our talk kind of dabbled into production, so let’s talk that.
What’s the production processes for a song like yours? Find a good acappella? EQ a song, play over top?

Summer Occasion : Most of the time, I make a general beat first. After that I’ll go through the acapellas that I have then it’s basically whichever one fits best gets chosen. I actually have different remixes that didn’t make it because one sounded better than the other.

DnM : That’s pretty cool. Similarly to Still Got ?

Summer Occasion : You Know That for example, I have a The Dream – Shawty is da One remix to that beat. Kind of, except it was the same vocal sampling

DnM : Cool. But isn’t there downside to being limited by available acapellas?

Summer Occasion : Yeah, it can get frustrating sometimes haha, like wtf am I gonna do with this? It’s gotten to the point where I’m actually recycling a sample in something I’m working on but we’ll see what happens

DnM : Summer Occasion. The name, how did it come about.

Summer Occasion : Well, at the time, I wanted to be an artist similar to Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Casa Del Mirto, Brothertiger etc. And A lot of chillwave artists/ bands had the word “summer” in them like Summer Heart and Summer Camp. And so, with total originality, I came up with Summer Occasion

DnM : Ha, that’s awesome.I might be mistaken, because I don’t see it on your soundcloud any more, but was it you who had been introduced to production by his brother.

Summer Occasion : Oh yeah, I had to update my info bar/ kick my brother off haha but yeah that was I.

DnM : That’s cool. Is it competitive between you two?
Or what’s the nature of the relationship?

Summer Occasion : Oh no, Around the time when he was teaching me how to use Fruity Loops Studio, he had stopped producing by then. He had lost all of his projects when his laptop crashed and I guess it was just too much to move on
poor guy, he was really good too
I loved everything he’d produced

DnM : You guys should collab on something

Summer Occasion : Yeah I’ve been planning on doing so.

DnM : And lastly. If you could do any drug with person past or present, who and what would it be.

Summer Occasion : Hmmmm. Honestly, just some trees with Bob Marley

DnM : You don’t always have to go HAM

Summer Occasion : Yeah, I just wanna share thoughts with the guy haha

DnM : Hahaha. Thanks for taking time out of your day Jon. It was a pleasure.

Summer Occasion : Thanks for having my Kyle