A Letter From The Editor

I was fortunate enough to meet Brandon when he played his first set in my hometown, Vancouver. So it goes, there was heavy rain and stormy winds which deterred some audience members. However prior to the show, Brandon, his openers, James Deen & Chesto, and I  went for Vietnamese food. As they made references to memes and jokes I did not get, I realized my age. They are much younger me; not to say that I am old.
But, it’s pretty evident when you meet Brandon, he’s young. He looks young. But then again he is young – only 19 years of age. Which is ironic, his talent is far beyond his age. Brandon is more skilled in production than people 10 years older him, more talented than artists who’ve been producing longer. Not only that he appreciates real disco, the stuff from early 80s, and has uses real analogue equipment.

The Interview:

DnM: Hey Brandon, How you feeling today?

Tendencies: I have had a bit of a flu but I’ve got lots of music ideas done today! Overall, pretty good.

DnM: Accomplishing ideas / getting stuff done is a good day in my books.

Tendencies: Definitely.

DnM: I’m going to lob an easy one at you to start things off – ‘Tendencies’ – tell me about the name

Tendencies: The name came from one of my favorite records by Sloslylove actually AND because I had to immediately change my previous name.

DnM: Which was?

Tendencies: I’d rather not say hahah. But I will tell you that it was under a name that someone had since 2006 and I got a nice cease and desist letter because of it a couple years ago.

DnM: Haha, fair enough – you can’t even

DnM: I prefer not to, but if we had to, I suppose we’d label your music ‘Future-Funk / Nu-Disco’, with Vaporwave influences. Or would you genre-fy yourself in another way?

Tendencies: I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description for my music right now. Post-Disco, House & French House are others you could probably call my music as well.

DnM: When you’re at a family reunion or someone like a colleague asks ‘What kind of music do you make” how do you explain Vaporwave / Nu-Disco?

Tendencies: Uhh, one thing I typically end up saying is “Imagine 1980’s Pop and Disco music with a very prominent dance beat” If they still don’t get it, I usually just end up playing them my music haha

DnM: Haha.I think that’s well put though

DnM: The visual representation of your music is quite unique – is this because of your Vaporwave influence?

Tendencies: A bit. When I first started Tendencies, I knew I wanted to get the visuals depicted right. I knew of a few graphic designers that could help me represent what I wanted and how I felt when I made these tracks and I made sure to get these people on board from the get-go.

DnM: Why is the aesthetic so important?

Tendencies: How you feel when you look at the art/visuals is just as important as the music itself! I want my music to stand out and have something different from every other music producer these days.

DnM: Which I think is evident in your music. There’s a certain authenticity. I know you are influenced by true 80s disco and you use real analogue equipment.

Tendencies: Very much so.

DnM: Is that reflective inyour new EP Candy Coloured Tangerine (you spelt it the American way btw)

Tendencies: Yeah definitely! It’s actually spelt that way because it’s from a book I’ve been meaning to read called The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby. Tom Wolfe wrote it.

DnM: What does Tome Wolfe have to do with Vaporwave and Candy Coloured Tangerines?

Tendencies: Nothing at all haha. A friend recommended me it & I thought it sounded catchy.

DnM: And how does Candy Coloured Tangerines differ from your past releases?

Tendencies: I feel it’s more refined. I bought new speakers and made sure to focus more on the mixing and mastering.

DnM: An increase in the quality of production itself?

Tendencies: Yes

DnM: Was that what you set out to achieve when producing this album?

Tendencies: Yeah, that was one thing that was always on my mind while producing this EP. I’m constantly trying to improve my sound though.

DnM: Well you can certainly hear it.

DnM: How did you get hooked up with the good guys and gals at Orange Milk Records

Tendencies: I think what happened was Keith (The one half of Orange Milk/Giant Claw) hit me up on Soundcloud one day and we added each other over Facebook. I kept sending him songs on the regular and he eventually offered to put something out!

DnM: What a good dude

Tendencies: Yeah, he’s chill

DnM: Final question, If you could do any drug, with any person, past or present, who and what would it be?

Tendencies: Uhhhhhhh…I’d smoke weed w/ Luther Vandross. That guy was a LEGEND

DnM: haha, Right on man. Thanks for spending the time Brandon

Tendencies: No problem dude! Thanks for having me.