Lemaitre : Relativity 3 – Album Review

Quality, Not Quantity


For almost a week now, we at DnM have had Relativity 3 and much like a child and his candy, we have been hoarding it greedily…
We feel it was justified.

Call us hipsters, but we wanted to enjoy the album before it got popular.
How do we know this? Because it is fucking-fantastic.
The album, albeit brief, flexes every type of musical muscle, whether it be production, singing, lyrics or musical theory.
The new EP only features 4 tracks : Continuum, Fiction, Iron Pyrite, and Cut to Black.

Continuum ( 4:47 ) : ****=
If you haven’t heard Continuum by now, you’re and idiot.
And I won’t dignify you with a synopsis.

Cut To Black ( 3:22 ) :  ***
The song begins with gleeful piano melody, bouncing from key to key; this is the main riff(as it should be, because its fucking sway).
This song is where Ulrik truly gets to show of his poetic skills.
Now, we aren’t sure exactly what it it’s about.
But our guess is about getting laid in a parking lot,  maybe by a hooker, and going to jail.
Which is a hilarious juxtaposition, since the melody is so happy.
There is a deeper meaning to the song, you just have to listen between the lines,
and understand his castle made of sand.

Fiction  ( 3:54 ):  *****
You know that scene in 300 where millions of arrows fly through the air toward the spartans?
Yeah, the song begins kinda like that.
Except instead of arrows, its awesome funk licks, and instead of the air and Spartans, its being panned through your brain space.
It also might leave you laying on the ground helpless and twitching.
A kick hits, and the song starts.
“Talking but nobody listens, Imagination stranger than Fiction”
A heavily produced and layered synth grind behind, like a drunk frat boy and his first time at the club.
Que the funk licks again.
The song barrels full steam ahead as both the chorus and synth escalate.
Rinse and repeat, add a few breaks – the song comes out smooth.

Iron Pyrite ( 3:40 ) : ****
Sweet jesus’ abs, the song starts with a full force of funk.
Guitars and synths bombard you with a falcon punch of awesomeness.
Rocking back and forth a heavy bass lulls you into a state of super-freak.
Again, Ulrik echoes with a chorus, this time
“All that glitters ain’t gold”
There is method to the madness.

We give the album  4.5 changs out of 5.


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