Mystery Skulls : Together

You and I…


If I was a superhero, I would be Fan-Boy.
My super power – the ability to swoon over hipster-esque indie music.
My Nemesis…Mystery Skulls.
He has yet to produce a single song I dislike. I’m pretty sure he could fart into a microphone, add one of  his consistent ‘fuck something’ lyrics, a guitar lick and synth,
and I would be the first to promote it.

Akin to his earlier work, this song is about girl.
A girl I like to imagine looks like the one in the photo above.
However, the lyrics about said girl are a tad more poignant than usual.
“Always thought I was special”
“Can you love me when I’m sober”
Regardless of his lyrical content, our good friend Lu, knocks another track out of the park,
Keep it up.

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